Is There a Lot of Roof Maintenance Required in Dallas?

As one of the largest cities in the state of Texas, Dallas is a place where you’re likely to find a many Dallas commercial roofing contractor maintenance professionals. However, the question can be asked, should you even consider an expensive maintenance process to keep your roof in good order?

Dallas commercial roofing contractor

Depending on whether you own a residential or commercial roof, and what type of roof you have, the issue of whether or not you need more roof maintenance can differ greatly. Residential and commercial buildings and roofs have different projected lifespans and a different approach towards repairing, upgrading or the need to replace the roof. Also, the type of roof you have, its age and the materials it’s made from will definitely weigh in a lot as well.

Roofers will tell you that a well-designed metal roof will last a lot more in Dallas than, for example, a wood shake roof which might be rated at a generally similar projected lifespan as a cheaper metal roof. However, while metal can work great in a warm environment with changing weather, the Dallas climate will not favor wood too well, and it can also become a problem with cheaper and more fragile roofing systems, such as a common asphalt shingle roof.