Is Your Roof Ready for Stormy Weather?

Inclement weather is the greatest enemy of a roof. A storm may cause significant damage, but there are a few things you can do to minimize it.

So, ask yourself: is your roof ready for stormy weather? If you are not sure, it is essential to consider doing a few things to ensure that your business is protected, and storms will not destroy your roof and comfort.

  1. Trim the trees around the building

If there are tall trees too close to the building, with branches hanging close or over the roof, make sure to trim them. During a storm, branches may hit the roof or fall onto it, damaging the covering material, the drainage system etc.

  1. Keep the gutters clean

Some storms come with heavy rainfall, and if the gutters are clogged with debris, all that water will leak uncontrolled and may find ways to infiltrate in the walls, in the foundation and damage the façade.

  1. Schedule regular roof inspections

Once a year, get an appointment with a roof maintenance Dallas commercial roofer for a detailed inspection. They will examine the roof thoroughly and hand you a report on its condition, as well as potential problems and vulnerabilities that have been identified. Having this information, you will be able to fix your roof in time to deal with the stormy season.

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