Keeping Track of Roof Repairs: How Often Should Roof Restoration Take Place?

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Roof restoration is typically required each time your roof gets damaged or becomes too worn out to function as it should. In many cases, leaks can set in which require immediate attention, or the roof could have fallen apart (at least partially) following a powerful storm.

Damage that is immediately visible, however, is only part of the story. There are many instances when roofs suffer damage to their internal structures. For instance, a roof that may have had a leak for a few months before it was addressed could have suffered significant structural damage as a result of the water damage caused by the leak. The result would typically entail a roofing professional having to work on your roof’s structure to restore it to its normal condition.Denver Priority Roofing

There is a big difference between restoring the roof and having it replaced. However, even during a replacement project, restoration to the interior structure – which is not usually replaced – can and often should take place. A Denver Priority Roofing professional roofer will always check the integrity of the decking before they install a new roof, as that is the crucial part of your roof that will support the underlayment and the external shingles as well. So be sure to ask your roofer about decking repair, if you want to hire them for a re-roofing or restoration project.