Maintenance Tips for Spray Foam Roofs

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Spray foam roofs are very resistant to weather and other factors that might cause damage to other roofing systems. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to perform regular maintenance checks for them. One important tip for how a maintenance for a foam roof should go is to always keep a file with past inspections, damages found and repairs made. This will help you identify any problem areas and also give you a starting point for your next inspection.

Another tip for doing maintenance work on a foam roof is to carry a cutting tool with you. Many foam roof problems, such as blisters or pockets, loose material or imperfect joints are usually just cut away and filled up with caulking, if needed. This way you can ensure a fast fix for your roof, if you don’t want or can’t replace the entire thing.

Also, when performing maintenance on a foam roof, make sure that all the adjacent parts are functional. That means checking all the gutters for any debris and clearing it out. Also, if you have anything installed on your roof, such as a heating unit or antenna, that goes thru the roof inside the house, make sure that the roof surface around it is perfectly joined to it and that it makes a tight seal.

Maintaining a spray foam roof can be tricky, and trying to do it yourself without any experience can be dangerous – so the last, but most important tip we have for you is to not attempt handling roof maintenance on your own. Leave the job to Angie’s List Austin roofing contractors, to ensure quality, long-lasting results and avoid any issues.