Materials Commonly Associated with Commercial Roof Installation in Dallas

Roof installation can be done with different materials, and commercial roofs are quite different from residential roofing systems. For one thing, commercial roofs tend to have a lower pitch, and many prefer to have flat commercial roofs.

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Flat roofs can save a lot of space and thus allow areas for HVAC systems, and so on. Water is the biggest concern on a flat roof. Resultantly, the biggest objective of a flat roof is to create a water-tight barrier.  This can be achieved with the help of special roofing materials.

PVC is one good example of a great material for commercial roofing in Dallas, Texas. Seams are heat-welded. PVC can be installed either as a fully-adhered system or as a mechanically attached one. Fire resistant EPDM roofing Dallas options are another excellent choice for commercial roofs. Apart from being highly resistant, it is also very affordable. When installed as a black roof, it tends to absorb a lot of heat. In this respect, white is more energy-efficient.

TPO is another popular choice. This newer technology requires experienced contractors. Leaks are very easily repaired and TPO can also be used at almost any temperature due to its capacity to stretch and contract.