Commercial Roof Inspections

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Commercial Roof Inspections

Is your commercial roof showing signs of wear? Have you recently noticed any leaks or other problems? Do you want to ensure that your commercial roof is in good condition before the next season? If so, it may be time for a commercial roof inspection!

At Priority Roofing, we offer comprehensive commercial roof inspection services. Our team will help you identify any potential problems with your roof. We will thoroughly survey your roof, looking for any signs of damage or wear and tear. We will then make recommendations for repairs or replacement, depending on the condition of your roof, in a detailed report that includes photographs.


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We offer three types of commercial roof inspections:

General Inspections

We’ll check for any workmanship errors and potential future problems, then generate an informative report that lists the condition from top to bottom!

Hail/Wind Damage Inspections

When severe weather strikes, it’s essential to know if your roof has sustained any hail damage. Don’t take any chances with insurance claims – have our team inspect your roof for you!

Infrared Inspections

Water leaks are not always immediately apparent. Infrared inspections are the perfect way to pinpoint locations on your roof where there is moisture penetration. This can help you identify any potential leakages before significant damage occurs and save yourself from a lot of hassle!
Contact us today to schedule a commercial roof inspection. We’ll help you keep your property safe and ensure that your roof is in good condition!