Repair Tips for Traditional Slate Roofs

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A slate roof has a lot of advantages, besides its looks. One of them is the fact that it is relatively easy to repair it if a slate breaks or is in any other way damaged. All one has to do is remove the broken slate from the row and just pop another one in its place. This is fairly easy because slates are usually kept in place with a single nail that runs through it and into a wooden beam.

A helpful tip when it comes to repairing a slate roof would be to remove more than one slate when doing repairs. Although slates can swing in order to allow easy access, it is easier to just take out several slates and then put them all back together. This way you can make sure that no damage comes to any adjacent slates to the one that needs repairs.

Another helpful tip for repairing a late roof is to try and find slates form the same quarry or at least the same rock. Different rocks can have different characteristics. That means that if you use a softer rock to replace a stronger one you might end up having to repair the same slate sooner than you’d like. Also, buying a heavier slate from a different supplier may cause added stress to the understructure of the roof.

Slate roofing companies in Houston TX know all these details and have the right skills and tools to repair traditional slate roofs, so the best piece of advice we can give you is to call a professional to help you handle the repairs – it’s the safest and most convenient option.