Repairing vs. Replacing Old EPDM Roofs in and Around Tyler TX

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Whether you live in Tyler TX or in the surrounding area, your home is likely still subjected to the same type of weather and damage. Hail storms could occur, and wind damage can be rampant. Moreover, the alternating heat strokes and storms that hit the area in some cases will definitely not help your roof find better stability.

When your roof is damaged, you have to decide whether you should repair or replace it. Roof replacement is usually reserved for times when your roof would be a lost cause. If it has extensive structural damage, subsequent repairs don’t help, or it’s too old, then it might have to be replaced. Also, sometimes the roof can’t cope with the damage, but the damage itself is only secluded to one area of the installation. In this case only a partial replacement would be needed.

Repairs work best when the roof is still new or the damage isn’t too extensive. Also, if the damage is done only to exterior elements such as the flashing or shingles, then in most cases established roofing companies in Tyler Texas can solve the problem in no time at all. Call on your local roofing professionals for a thorough roof inspection to find out if they can actually fix your roof or if the damage calls for a complete replacement.