Should You Have Your Denver Roof Inspected After the Winter?

When it comes to residential roof inspections in Denver, spring inspections are probably the most important. Following a snowy Denver winter, your roof could have a lot of things it needs addressing, and the only way to know for sure is to have a professional roofer arrive at your location and inspect it.

Some of the main dangers involve the formation of ice dams in the winter, as well as the volume of snow that could weigh heavily on your roof’s overall structure – quite literally. That action can in fact distort the shape of your roof and lead to anything from leaks to the need for structural repairs.

Denver roofing inspection

Another problem could have to do with rapid contraction and dilation of metallic elements as the temperatures start to increase. Metal roofs are especially susceptible, and you won’t really know that there’s a problem, until precipitation increases and you have to deal with leaks all around the house.

Finally, Denver roofing inspections should be done as early as possible after the end of winter since the dry weather in the area can expose your roof to sunnier days and more UV radiation exposure in the months to come. So your roofer might have to consider that factor when looking at the ventilation of your residential roof as well as the extent to which the material and its overall appearance could be affected over time.