The Benefits of An SPF Foam Roof

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Membranes based on polyurethane resins are revolutionary systems through which surfaces are sealed. They are applied using certain specific professional techniques and high-performance equipment, but the procedure is simple and fast for the specialists. SPF foam roofing – based on polyaspartic, polyurethane or polyurea resins – is very resistant and provides exemplary sealing.

SPF foam roof Dallas

SPF foam roof Dallas technicians tell us that waterproofing with SPF foam is an exemplary sealing solution due to the elasticity of the membrane made by polyurethane resins. It will successfully cope with the movements and deformations of the substrate, which will remain efficient and protective even a few decades after application. Unlike other roof waterproofing products, polyurethane resins adhere to a wide range of surfaces, among which we mention: concrete, mortar, ceramics, steel, tile, brick, etc. The application is very simple, by classic methods: using the roller or the brush. A SPF foam roof Dallas will dry fast, as a result of its interaction with the humidity in the air.

The membrane obtained by casting polyurethane materials also ensures a uniform aspect of the roof. The application method automatically involves the removal of adhesives used in the case of waterproofing with solid membranes, as well as the removal of joints. The final result consists in obtaining a completely smooth, homogeneous and aesthetically pleasing polyurethane waterproofing.