The Benefits of Installing a Modified Bitumen Commercial Roof

modified bitumen roof Dallas

Modified bitumen has a lot going for it. If you ask any respected modified bitumen roof Dallas contractor, they will likely place it right up there with EPDM and metal roofing as one of the most practical and durable types of roofing systems you can buy for your money.

One of the main advantages of installing a bitumen roof is that it has a proven track record. These days you’ll find a lot of roofing companies promoting new, hi-tech and oftentimes extremely expensive roofing products that you can’t really find out much about unless you do some serious research. Bitumen roofing takes the unknown out of the equation by providing you with proven, time-tested products you can rely upon.

The proven durability of a modified bitumen roof in Dallas is also a great asset. You can expect most modified bitumen roofs to last for up to last for up to 20-25 years without having to constantly check up on it and pay a lot of money on maintenance work.

The seams of bitumen roofs are typically melted together, which means they provide an ideal sealing capability. When you live in an area plagued by storms and hail, you will want your roof to be able to deliver in that respect, and a quality bitumen roof does so in full!