The Best Material to Use on Your Commercial Roof in Dallas

A commercial roof requires careful planning and high quality materials, if you want the installation process to be a success. While good planning and quality labor can be available if you opt for an experienced roofing contractor such as Priority Roofing, knowing how to select the right commercial roofing materials can be much more difficult.

EPDM roofing Dallas

Arguably the best material to use on a commercial roof is EPDM. This unique type of rubber is specially designed to ensure that it can withstand the test of the elements, while lasting for up to 40-50 years without requiring major repairs too often. Although some might argue that EPDM roofing is not as robust as a metal or TPO roof, it’s actually ideal for the weather in Dallas, TX. EPDM roofing Dallas specialists say it is great for protecting your building from both excess UV radiation from the sun and severe storms, and it does well with sudden temperature drops or heat waves that might hit Dallas on occasion.

What’s even better about EPDM is that this is one of the more expensive roofing materials that you’ll find on the market. Compared to most other roofing types, EPDM is often seen as offering the highest quality for the cost while also requiring a lot less repair work and maintenance than other roofing materials that get close to the same pricing range.