The Main Materials in a Roofing Shingle – Metal shingles

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Metal shingles represent a modern roofing product that perfectly mimics traditional wood shingles. With a special design, such a roof system offers advantageous operating costs, because the lifespan of the roof covered with this material can be equal to the lifespan of ceramic tiles.

Due to the protection of the steel core with a mixture of zinc and magnesium, metal shingles achieve greater durability and their life cycle is extended. Extraordinary aesthetic impression is obtained by textures and paint coatings. The special durability of the paint guarantees a thickness of 36-50 microns.

Metal shingles are characterized by a high resistance to corrosion, abrasion and dirt. Effective protection against UV radiation is also ensured due to the reflective properties of the metal and the protective layer of the paint.

Unlike traditional wooden shingles, which need to be maintained or replaced, metal shingles will not need much maintenance.

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Esteemed metal roofing Denver contractors affirm that impact resistance, as well as resistance to high wind speeds, fire, storm damage and snow loads are other advantages that cannot be overlooked. Due to their low weight, metal shingles are suitable to be used in modernizing old buildings because they do not overload their structure.