Things to Know about Impact Resistance Roofs in North Texas

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tile roofing Dallas specialists can offer you tips to protect your roof from storms

North Texas is among the regions most frequently affected by hail and strong storms and not only in the state, but in the entire country. The hail and the fast winds that are so common in the area are the worst enemies of roofs, but fortunately, the manufacturers of roofing materials have developed special materials to meet these specific challenges: impact-resistance roofing products. Here are some things that you should know about these solutions:

  • What makes these materials special – any roofing material that is rated for high impact resistance is manufactured using special technologies and is tested for impact resistance in a laboratory. The tests involve dropping steel balls onto the material as well as wind simulations and only the materials that pass the tests receive the rating;
  • Material types – Tile roofing Dallas specialists confirm that almost all common roofing materials are available in impact-resistant versions. You can nowadays find impact resistant wood, ceramic, fiberglass and metal roofing systems easily available from numerous marketers;
  • The benefits of impact resistant roofs – beside high durability and resistance to even the most devastating forces of nature, the building owners who choose to have an impact resistant roof installed might be eligible for insurance premium discounts as well as other, state-level financial incentives.