What Are the Main Differences Between Commercial and Residential Roofing Systems?

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When it comes to pitting commercial and residential systems against each other, most Houston roofing professionals will point to the cost as one of the big differences between the two. In addition, most preferred roofing companies in Houston TX will say that the whole construction style, layout and design is different, and that both types have their own unique advantages and drawbacks.

All this is true, however, if you want to see more of a close-up of their differences, consider the following as well:

  • Commercial roofs are typically flat and built using less materials, while residential roofs are commonly sloped in design and featuring traditional and aesthetically pleasing materials such as slate roof tiles, asphalt shingles or certain types of metal.
  • Durability is a key difference. EPDM, the most durable flat roof, will only last for about 35 years. A sloped residential roof made from high quality natural slate on the other hand might even have a warranty of 120 years.
  • Despite being much cheaper, the repair costs for flat commercial roofs are typically higher than those of a residential roof.
  • Finally, maintenance tasks may also differ, and great care has to be taken with flat roofing structures, since the slope isn’t there to aid the roof to rid itself of excess water, pests or debris.