What Can Spray Foam Do for Your Commercial Roof?

A lot of people may think that spray foam is good only for insulating attic walls and in residential projects. That’s not entirely true. Yes, a lot of family homes use this type of foam in order to insulate their walls, but more and more businesses are using it in order to protect their roofs as well. That’s because this foam is a very cheap solution to protecting your roof membrane and other elements that may be exposed.

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Also, spray foam is lightweight. Affordable SPF foam roof Dallas alternatives are great for commercial roofs, especially the ones for big warehouses or factory floors, because it doesn’t add too much to the weight of the roof. That means that the roof and underlying structure doesn’t receive any additional stress.

Spray foam is also a very good insulating solution. That means that you can use it in order to keep water off of your roof and various installations you might have up there. also, because it is usually a very light color, it reflects part of the suns’ light during warm months. That means that the roof keeps cooler and so avoids any hot points from forming on its surface.