What Do You Need to Keep Track of in a Houston TX Roof Inspection?

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In case you live in Houston, Texas, there are certain important things to keep track of during your roof inspection. And the first thing to consider is whether you actually need an inspection in the first place.

First of all, you need to see if your roofing project is complies with the local codes and regulations. Moreover, the structure has to be able to withstand high winds, hail and other major weather events that are typical for this part of the USA.

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Respected roof repair Houston TX contractors tell us that it is also important to know that most roof replacements or repairs in this area require a professional inspection and getting a certification of compliance. You can have your project inspected during the construction per se, by an engineer appointed by TDI or a TDI inspector. In case the roof project is already finished, then you can have it inspected by a licensed engineer and have it sent to TDI for a certificate. In this second case, the inspection may cost a bit more.

There are also certain projects which do not require an inspection, including roof repairing projects of less than 100 square meters, which do not require decking, replacements of gutters or other non-structural elements.