What Guarantees Should You Get in Writing When It Comes to Installing a New Roof?

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The quote you get from a roofing contractor might range from a simple verbal promise that they’ll try to install the best roof they can, to a detailed estimate on the price, duration and important technical details associated with the installation process. Ideally, it’s very important to get as many details as you can in writing, since that will serve as a type of guarantee that you can hold against the roofers, if they fail to provide you with what they agreed to, or if they ask for a lot more money.Austin roofing contractors

Naturally, the price estimate should be your first concern. Reliable and trusted Austin roofing contractors will provide you with a detailed, written estimate of the cost of your project, including any material costs, the labor expenses, and how much you paid upfront. Also in terms of the cost, it’s a good idea to make sure your roofer lists any additional fees and costs, as failing to do so could represent a real red flag in terms of how they conduct their business.

Other details should also include anything about how long the roofing project will be expected to last and what each of the steps will entail. The reason why these details are important is because without them, roofers can often extend the project over a much longer period than they’d agreed to.