What Is Spray Foam Used for in Commercial Roofing?

You’ve probably already heard that in some cases spray foam is used in commercial roofing for various purposes. This approach to roofing has to do with speed and practicality, as the use of spray foam ensures that the roofers don’t have to spend too much time on fixing your roof or adding an extra layer of coating, depending on what is needed.

Membrane roofing is usually formed from various layers of different materials, each having a certain role in adding to the resilience of the roof. Some are designed to be waterproof, while others are meant to reflect the UV radiation of the sun with as much efficiency as possible.

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Spray foam is typically used to apply some of these layers, either during the roofing installation process or to fix leaks and pooling issues on an existing roof. Quality commercial roof repair Dallas contractors confirm that the idea is that you can simply spray the affected area, and the spray foam will create a seal that prevents water from getting through and offers added protection to your roof and building.

When installing a roof, the most common use of spray foam is through spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing, which is a type of roof that’s installed entirely through the use of spray foam with no additional component being needed. The polyurethane foam is simply sprayed onto an existing roof and allowed to expand into a foam to act as a second roof pasted on the old one.