What Roofing Terminology Should You Know About Before Talking to a Roofer?

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Learning about roofing terminology can be a little tricky. First of all, it’s important to know some terms associated with the different types of roofing materials and parts that could be used during your first encounter with a Denver roofer. Terms like architectural shingles, tile roofing and terracotta describe different types of roofing designs, while words such as flashing, underlayment, decking and ridge refer to the various elements and parts of the roof that practiced Denver roofers are very familiar with.Denver roofers

Measuring terms are also important to keep in mind, since roofers will use these to refer to the measurements associated with your roof or the new roof you want to install. For instance, coverage and double coverage refer to the measurement of how many layers of roofing are present between the exposed part of the roof and the deck (the interior, structural part), and the head lap refers to the shortest portion between the butt edge of an overlapping shingle and the top edge of a shingle found in the row immediately below that one.

Many additional terms have to be understood, but in general it’s better to ask your roofer about any terminology you don’t understand. You don’t necessarily have to know everything to make an informed decision, as long as the roofer you find is trustworthy and willing to provide you with the right information for making an informed decision.