Where Roofing Shingles are Made

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Roofing shingles are made in factories, which are typically owned by companies specializing in the production of complete roofing systems. Such factories have production and storage halls that can cover quite large areas.

Modern production lines are fully automated, based on the latest technologies in the world.

Traditionally, the shingle is a soft, small, thin wooden board, sometimes narrowed towards one end, which is used to make roof coverings or to cover the exterior walls of houses. Shingles are placed horizontally on the roof, each row covering the next one, similar to tiles.

In the factory, wood shingles are automatically shaped by radial or semi-radial splitting of log ends. There are different species of wood that are being used to manufacture shingles, both resinous (fir, spruce, pine) and deciduous (cedar, beech, oak, etc.); the wood just has to be healthy and without too many defects (knots, resin bags). To increase durability, wood shingles can be impregnated with bitumen, carbolineum, creosote , tar, etc.

Nowadays, busy roofing companies in Denver tell us that shingles are also made of other materials, such as asphalt (reinforced with fiberglass or organic materials), metal or slate. Some of them (metal shingles) mimic the original wood shingles very well, while others (slate shingles) are extremely durable.