Who Are the Most Well-Known and Reputable Roofing Shingle Manufacturers?

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There are a lot of brands and companies in charge of shingle manufacturing in the USA. Recently, GAF became the most popular and best-selling brand associated with top quality roofing shingles, simply because they managed to create the best quality products.

GAF and other large corporations such as CertainTeed – which produces the best premium shingle products – are actively teaming up with many other manufacturers and contractors to bring you an even greater volume of quality items.

GAF and CertainTeed are of course only two of many companies specializing in roofing shingles. Aside from them, some of the best companies to look for include IKO Productions, Owens Corning, Malarkey Roofing Products and the Atlas Roofing Corporation.

Each and every one of these manufacturers are rated quite high when it comes to the quality and durability of their products. Also, some can provide you with unique shingles and upgrade installations that far exceed the technological limits of the past few years.

GAF Houston roofing

If you’re serious about getting the best roofing products, then you can’t ignore the importance of looking for the most well respected Houston roofing contractors and reputable shingle manufacturers out there. That knowledge will help you find the full extent of what you can expect from the market, especially if you want to spend the right amount for products provided by your local contractors, and find the most hi-tech and advanced roofing products that money can buy.