Why Do Commercial Roofers in Dallas Prefer to Use Modified Bitumen?

In Dallas, it’s no secret that a lot of Texas commercial roofers opt to advise their clients to choose modified bitumen. Although the general consensus is that EPDM is the best choice for most flat roofs, this isn’t necessarily true in all cases, and experts will tell you that modified bitumen is actually the ideal choice for certain, specific types of low slope or flat roofing.

modified bitumen roof Dallas

Modified bitumen is simply a modern version of built-up roof, and even though a lot of people associate it with EPDM and other roofs made of rubber, modified bitumen is actually made from asphalt.

Modified bitumen roof Dallas installation contractors offer up some of the main qualities:

  • Its impressive resistance to wear and tear;
  • Remarkable waterproof qualities;
  • The fact that it’s energy-efficient;
  • Its excellent flexibility which rivals that of most rubber roofs;
  • The fact that it’s also low-maintenance and generally easy to repair.

All of these qualities are great assets when you have to deal with the unpredictable nature of Texas weather without wanting to spend too much on roof repairs. If you get a modified bitumen roof, it will withstand storms and hot weather quite easily, and on the off chance that it might be damaged by one of those stronger storms that tend to hit Dallas from time to time, you can get a pretty awesome deal on having it fixed by one of the numerous modified bitumen roof Dallas commercial roofers that are used to installing and repairing these types of systems.