The Cost of Fixing Your Roof – Is Residential Roof Repair Expensive?

Fixing a residential roof might be more or less expensive, depending on the type of project you need help with. However, even if you need to have your roof repaired and upgraded, the task will still be far less expensive than a complete replacement.

In most cases, we’re looking at a few hundred dollars. Of course, simple fixes such as replacing a few broken shingles or pieces of flashing might cost as little as $200 or so, while a more sophisticated project or the repair of a complex roofing system could cost in excess of $1,000.

Other factors that the price depends on also exist. For instance, if the roofers you hire have more experience, then it’s possible that they might ask for more when fixing an especially challenging problem, even if it’s normally not as time consuming as others. Also, sometimes the type of roof you own can be a big factor as well. A basic metal roof will be a lot less expensive to fix than a concrete or slate roof, which would not only involve more expensive materials, but also heavier shingles that are harder to move and more susceptible to damage than the components of most metal roofing systems.

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To find out how much your roof will cost to fix, simply contact your local Denver roofing company and ask for a written estimate. They’ll be able to help you find the ideal repair solution and they might even give you a discount.